How DICCE came to be

  • DICCE, which stands for diversity, inclusion, cultural competency, and equity, is an initiative founded out of something missing in our education system: diversity, inclusion, anti-racism, and accurate history curriculum. After an incident with students using the n-word at her school and noticing neither she nor the school had the resources to educate her peers, Zoë started working on DICCE with the goal of creating accessible training, curriculum, and guides. After securing support from Civics Unplugged through their Civics 2030 initiative and partnering with the Office of Diversity of University of Kentucky’s College of Agriculture, DICCE went from a dream to a concrete idea. According to Pew Research Center, Generation Z will be the most diverse generation in American history, with nearly half being racial and ethnic minorities. Generation Z is also growing up in a society that is reckoning with inequities perpetuated by an unjust history and is at an irreversible turning point, whether that be with climate change, criminal justice, or education reform. If we want to affect equitable change, Generation Z needs to be educated in anti-racism and co-liberation, which is exactly what DICCE plans to do!